Can anyone recommend a Media Center PC?

  Jackylad 15:08 24 Apr 04

Hi, has anyone purchased a Media Center PC?
If so can you recommend a system? I want to skint myself on the best system I can get hold of and a Plasma screen. I've seen a media center PC on Mesh Computers but can’t seem to find any similar to compare. The thing is I really want it to be completely quite, as fans drive me insane. Any advice would be really appreciated!

  Jackylad 16:16 25 Apr 04

Cheers for that crx1600. I'll take a look!

  ened 16:27 25 Apr 04

Is the software available on it's own?

  Q-Bie 22:08 25 Apr 04

Nope, MCE is only available on PC's that come preinstalled on it. It's not compatible with a lot of hardware from what I hear, so the OEM's have to make PC's with certain TV Cards, etc.. in order for them to work with MCE.

There are some alternatives though..

click here

click here


  Jackylad 14:34 29 May 04

Cheers Lads

  claudine 16:27 29 May 04

There are two forums specifically for media centres - click here and click here. The latter has a uk specific part where you'll find people comparing things like noise from different machines, as well as what you can buy in this country. It's definitely worth reading carefully everywhere you can before you get anything.

  claudine 16:28 29 May 04

oops - first link should be click here

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