can anyone recommend a good photo quality printer?

  WJUpton 15:13 14 Jun 04

hi all
i am looking to buy a new photo quality printer and would welcome any recommendations, obviously consumeable costs are vital but any input would be welcome

  byfordr 15:35 14 Jun 04

Whats the budget?

Do you want to do A3, or just A4 and under?

You could do far worse than anything by Canon. Individual ink tanks, changeable print heads, fast excellent prints. Currently the top choice of Which?


  mikeyb59 16:52 14 Jun 04

Epson R300 - superb. Nuff said!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:43 14 Jun 04

R300, there is no other.


  pj123 18:12 14 Jun 04

Yes, there are lots. But everyone will (obviously) recommend the one they are using, otherwise why did they buy it?

I have an Epson 915 (old now) but does what I want. Has got Print Image Matching, Photoquicker, Borderless prints, takes most camera cards, compatible ink is available from Choice Stationery at click here

The Epson R200 and R300 are just as good but also print directly onto CD.

  accord 22:03 14 Jun 04

im with pj123 on this one. it is up to the individual. my advise is to go into pc world and check out their printer samples, (i think they still do this) and see for yourself.

  ayrmail 22:18 14 Jun 04

Read that lord Lichfield uses an Epson 915

  byfordr 22:18 14 Jun 04

You can get samples from the Canon website.

Whats the budget?


  Cook2 00:57 15 Jun 04

Most of them nowadays. Look into the running costs if you intend doing a lot of printing as replacement cartridges can vary greatly. I'd recommend one with 6 seperate ink cartridges, flesh tones are superior.

And mine? A Canon S820.

  Kate B 01:00 15 Jun 04

I use a Canon S900 and get lovely pictures from it. I think that model might have been discontinued but I imagine its successor would be worth a look. Not cheap, but I think worth paying the price for the quality.

  OhBeardedOne 07:37 15 Jun 04

Have a look at the canon i905, prints on cds, has a 6*4 feed, the advantage of canon separate ink cartridges, and will read memory cards and accept pictbridge link.
Print is excellent too, least that's my experience so far.

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