Can anyone recommend an audio editor

  MichelleC 12:55 28 Mar 03

I didn't know if this was the right forum.

Anyway I make training videos and need a low cost audio editor so I can take out or fade down some extrenuous background noises. I can't do much with the freebie editors so I know I'll have to spend out more pc-related dosh. Thanks.

  Tenner 16:40 28 Mar 03

Michelle, hi !

Try a search ( above ) for 'audio' in all threads and you'll get 3 pages, there might just be something there for you. Otherwise, a search via Copernik Basic Agent for Audio Editor revealed quite a few, including one with a jargon-buster link click here

Maenwhile I'll try my son who is an audioengineer ( working on Macs unfortunatley ) but he might know of a cheap editor


  Tenner 16:42 28 Mar 03

Michelle, that should have been Copernic Agent Basic, sorry


  Belatucadrus 17:25 28 Mar 03

I dont know what freebies you tried, but here are a couple that could be worth a look :-

click here

click here

  Tenner 17:40 28 Mar 03

Copernic Agent Basic, Michelle, is a multi-engine search prog which is easy to use and can prove invaluable at times, in my umble opinion. What's more, it's free ( BASIC is, anyway )

Try it click here


  MichelleC 07:51 29 Mar 03

Thanks everyone for suggestions, you've given me some good options.

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