Cameras and portable viewers.

  lisa02 14:20 09 Jul 07

I want to be able to view the baby wirelessly from it's room.

On the high street they sell for £120 app and around half that from far off lands on eBay.

Any opinions of good ones or recommendations?

  Diemmess 15:36 09 Jul 07

Have you considered a cheaper route i.e. sound only?
There are simple 2 way boxes which use an FM signal on the mains wiring.
The key switch in Baby's room is locked on, and you will be able to hear every breath if the volume is up that far.

In my time I found that any gulp or sneeze from the black box, and my ears pricked up immediately.

As our children got a little older the box was disused, but if there was a hefty thump at any time from another room we waited, held our breath, and were reassured by a good yell!

  spuds 17:04 09 Jul 07

Have you looked in Argos click here .Their spring/summer 2007 catalogue shows 10 baby monitor devices from £19.99 to £119.99. Wireless unit (376/0282) with 5" screen 100m range £79.99.

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