Camera Memory. Which?

  Ancient Learner 15:55 17 May 05

or doesn't it matter.

As usual, when I get round to investigating detail on the probability of buying something, I get confused by the choice.

I will need to buy more memory.

1st, is there any advantage in paying extra for an XD card rather than a CompactFlash card.

And secondly, is there a preferred make of CompactFlash cards. I am faced with a choice of 3, Kingston, Viking or Bytestor, the cheapest being Kingston and Bytestor being the most expensive at nearly £10 more.

Extra batteries are flabbergasting in price. Varying from some £14 to £43 for apparently the same thing, namely a BLM-1 Lithium Ion. Remarkable, unless I'm miss-reading something.

  pj123 16:04 17 May 05

You have to tell us what camera you are using.
If your camera uses Compact Flash cards it might not use XD cards, so you have no option.

  Ancient Learner 16:28 17 May 05

It's going to be An Olympus C5060, or, if I can run to it, a C7070.

  VideoSentry 16:42 17 May 05

The type of Camera will determine the type of flash card you can use, as to the amount of memory you opt for will depend on the use to which you intend to out it. I have a konica Z5 , but I have 3X 128MB 2x526Mb and 2x64MB cards, as each image ( max ) is @ 800kb and I tend to take as many as possible in the hope that one of them will be worth while.
PS The camera uses standard batteries which I can charge and carry spares.

  pj123 16:52 17 May 05

Both look pretty good cameras to me. The 5060 doesn't accept SD cards though, only CF1 and CF2 and IBM Microdrive. The 7070 takes CF1, CF2 IBM Microdrive and XD Picture Card. All are equal in what they do so just buy what you can afford.

Batteries I can't comment on. My two digital cameras, a Nikon and a Minolta both came with rechargeable batteries and a charger.

  Rogerfredo 17:00 17 May 05

You can't go wrong with "Kingston" memory as it is guaranteed "for life". I have just bought a 512Mb CF from Savastore for £24.

  siouxah1 17:25 17 May 05

click here

If you need peace of mind have a look here. They have a memory selecter and guarantee the memory to work with your camera. They also have good information on memory types and uses.

The batteries for my Minolta vary from £14, to £49 for the Minolta branded.

Also look here for battery prices.

click here


  Ancient Learner 17:57 17 May 05

Very interesting. I never thought of Crucial for CompactFlash. They recommend a different numbered card for the two cameras, and who would have thought of that; I thought that CompactFlash was all the same!! These would certainly give me peace of mind. Now does one go for that or cheapness.

And those battery prices down to £9.99 delivered.

Thanks to everyone who has replied. All very helpful, as usual! What a super lot you are.

  siouxah1 13:26 19 May 05

as a follow on to my last. Might be of interest if you have not yet purchased your CF memory.

Today I purchased some CF 'CORSAIR x40'. 512 Mb.

Tested this against some 512 Mb 'CRUCIAL' I have.

Time to write to memory,CORSAIR, RAW + Jpg 19 seconds

Time to write to memory, CRUCIAL, RAW + Jpg 40 seconds.

Both same photo taken on Minolta A2.

This does not necessarily mean the same for your camera. The limiting factor is mainly the speed the camera software will process to memory card.

You may draw your own conclusions.

Take lots of photographs.


  siouxah1 13:32 19 May 05

Sorry about that... correction

CORSAIR 40 seconds

CRUCIAL 19 seconds.

NOT as above.

Would always buy CRUCIAL in future.


  toxin 22:02 19 May 05

As both your camera selections are Olympus, why not stick with Xd cards; a twin pack of 128mb cards is available from click here for £18.

A bit different from the £34 I paid for a single 128mb about 12 months ago!

Regarding batteries you could try click here, they do have some lithium batts, but I'm not certain about your model.

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