Camera card ,not sure if this one will work.

  mymate 18:04 31 Dec 06

click here

That one is going real cheap in Boots at the moment.but i just looked in my friends camera book and it says she has a 6MB xD card,already installed ,or thats just on the memory.would that Boots one be ok,or are they both different cards ?
Thanks very much

  Totally-braindead 18:05 31 Dec 06

Different its an SD card you need XD

  Totally-braindead 18:08 31 Dec 06

Heres XD click here= make sure thats what the camera takes cos they are all different and aren't interchangable.

  mymate 18:11 31 Dec 06

Thanks Totally-braindead. Never seem to get a bargain .

  Alf58 18:27 31 Dec 06

Do you inasert the XD card straight into a card reader or does it need a special adapter? My daughter got a Fuji digital camera for xmas and we boughta 256 Mb XD card to go with it. Her PC has three different card reading slots at the front.

  Totally-braindead 18:32 31 Dec 06

Alf58 whatever your question you would be better starting your own thread. What you are asking has nothing to do with the question mymate posed.
Actually you didn't ask a question, I'm a bit puzzled now.

  mymate 18:35 31 Dec 06

My camera is a Cannon and i have a card reader,but i can just plug the camera into the computer ,with the memory card still in the camera,and the camera on,and get the pictures on to the computer that way .
Not sure if that was what you were asking .

  lisa02 21:26 31 Dec 06

mymate Canon cameras do not, as far as I know, use xd cards. Which model do you have?

XD cards are usually for Fuji or Olympus cameras, XD was a joint development by them.


If the card reader has an appropriate slot then just straight in and only certain types have adaptors.

As an example MS Pro duo is a smaller version of MS Pro so there is an adaptor to put the smaller one into before reading it in a computer.

  mymate 09:19 01 Jan 07

lisa02.I was asking about the xD card for my friends camera.
My Cannon is a Power shot,cost a bomb a few years ago,and probably cost under £100 now.

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