Call of Duty 4 is here.....

  donki 14:10 09 Nov 07

...... it's rite in front of me, I can do nothing more read and read the manual (which is like 6 pages). Im not out of work until 4.30 then I have to go to the cinema with the bird. So probably wont be home untill 11.30, Il have to pull an all niter and Il get back to this post :). Anyone else got to play the full game yet? Any different from the demo?

  citadel 20:26 09 Nov 07

be kind enough to let us know how long it takes you to finish the single player.

  harps1h 21:50 09 Nov 07

a friend finished bought it this morning and had it finished before tea time. i suspect it was the easiest setting.

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