pcdaley21 22:40 12 Apr 07

Hi, not sure if anyone knows but is there a version of call of duty 3 in the works for the PC as have recently played it on a friends XBOX 360 and thought it was quality... Any ideas?

  polish 22:53 12 Apr 07

i was in game q couple of months ago and spoke to a member of staff about the game and was doubtful it would become available for pc

  Totally-braindead 22:56 12 Apr 07

They might change their mind but I believe its only for consoles, have you tried the Medal Of Honor games they are good as well.

  donki 08:55 13 Apr 07

Nope It wont be appearing on the PC, I was gutted when I heard this because its one of the great PC titles. I think the reason they gave was not enough demand to justify a code being written for the PC. IF it does appear id say it will be a halfassed console port!!

Mite be stupid suggestion but COD2 is still an excellant game! Especially online!

  pcdaley21 10:30 13 Apr 07

I've played through all the call of duty games plus expansion packs, I cant believe that there isn't a high enough demand for it on PC as the previous ones were quality. Is medal of honour vanguard hitting PC anytime soon?

  donki 10:35 13 Apr 07

I dunno, I was never a fan of the MOH, always thought they were poorly finished and a little cartoony I dunno y.

  ulrich 17:25 13 Apr 07

Have you tried Brother in arms, quite like call of Duty. I can't wait for the third one.

  TOPCAT® 18:59 13 Apr 07

White House asking Activision to change their minds, or else!

I was looking forward to a PC version of CoD3 and find it hard to believe they won't do it. TC.

  ulrich 19:08 13 Apr 07

COD for me was a nice easily understood game and I was deeply grieved to see it go to XBox, how about No 10?

  donki 19:34 13 Apr 07

I was as pissed off as u guys, the main reason being that PC owners made it the success it was! I was as equaly disappointed with Rainbow 6 Vegas. Id say it is easily to deveolp a game for the consoles as the developers know exactly what system they are making the game for. But i see this as no excuse, any game that is developed for the PC beats the console version hands down. Look at Oblivion and C&C3. Its just very dissapointing :(.

  Totally-braindead 19:36 13 Apr 07

They might change their minds or they might already be creating a new Call Of Duty for the PC. We can always hope.

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