Calculator "constant calculation"

  Eargasm 11:19 18 Dec 04

I have an old Casio FX-115S calculator which i now need to replace, however one of the functions i use most is the "constant calculation" ie insert a number say 15 press ++ (a k symbol then appears in the display) then = to give 15,30,45,60........etc.

All the calculators i have looked at since don't seem to have this function, i would buy the same calculator again but is no longer available.

Can anyone reccommmend one?

Thanks Phil

  v1asco 12:04 18 Dec 04

I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

They have done away with the constant button but the function is still there. Not found a calculator yet that doesn't have it, including the £2 one sitting on my desk. Just do the usual. Some do not display K or similar.


  Eargasm 12:22 18 Dec 04

Tested a few in the shop but i can't seem to find one that works.

My lads casio fx-83wa is in front of me (later model than mine) now if i press 5++= i get syntax error.

  Eargasm 12:25 18 Dec 04

The calculator i need must be a scientific one, as i need the trig functions as well.

I have a really old ordinary calculator and the "k" function works fine.

  v1asco 14:57 18 Dec 04

click here

401 fuctions should have a constant

  v1asco 15:07 18 Dec 04

heres the instructions for one

click here

looks like the latest calculators need you to press more buttons.(progress?)

If the link doesn't work you need page 20 of the instruction manual. The manuals can be found under the support tab on the calculators own page.

  Eargasm 16:54 18 Dec 04

Thanks for the link, i have been looking at the latest casio's i had a look at page 20 of the manual but i still can't work out how to use the constant function.

Am i missing something?

  v1asco 14:59 19 Dec 04

Slight technical hitch. Adobe says page 20 but the page number on the sheet is 18.
It is under the title variables which starts on sheet 17 and the constant example is immediately before the Scientific Functions Banner on sheet 18.

Hope this helps.

  Dorsai 05:07 20 Dec 04

I have as yet never come across a calculater that did not do what you want re ++, --, etc. It seems a standard feature. Even the £1.49 one i got from Wollies and use at work (the chaepskate boss would give me one out of the stationary cupboard) does it.

  Eargasm 23:09 20 Dec 04

Thanks for your help, I have just got a new casio and the function is there as you say,it's just hidden a bit better(i have to press more buttons for the same result).

I guess that is progress.

  v1asco 07:34 21 Dec 04

Seems only the basic models do things the easy way.

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