- very impressed

  JIM EMERY 09:56 04 Sep 06

has anybody heard of/ used very cheap prices, probably best value around for high spec laptops/ pc systems. well worth a look

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:58 04 Sep 06

May one enquire as to how long you have worked for them?


  JIM EMERY 10:30 04 Sep 06

Can understand, why you would say that Gandalf but not true. Just happened to have bought from them recently and hadn't heard of them before. Wondered if anyone else had...?

  spuds 12:40 04 Sep 06

Checking the website, they do seem to carry a reasonable range of products, including grade 2 desktop and laptop computers from the likes of Siemans.But I wouldn't say "very cheap prices, probably best value around" ;o).

Must agree with the wizard's comments <I:-)> though. The intro doe's appear to suggest 'advertising!'.

  JIM EMERY 13:08 04 Sep 06

i bought an amilo laptop from them, 'grade 2' its called,condition was as good as brand new. was the cheapest price i found from my searches. anybody else had the same experience?

  lenc 15:02 04 Sep 06

The site started life as the employee sales site for ICL/Fujitsu UK. It's Grade 2 gear is, essentially, refurbs of Fujitsu Siemens desktop and laptops, e.g. DOA machines. Both machines arrive in 'as new' condition and are good value for mainstream kit. Don't look here for top end gaming machines.
Disclaimer: I used to work for ICL, then Fujitsu UK, but never for Fujitsu Siemens.

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