buying a sat nav

  User-1302950 13:26 25 Oct 08

Hey there,
I'm thinking of buying a sat nav for someone for xmas, and I don't have a clue where to start. He's not the most technologically minded of people, so it would have to be very user friendly. I'm not too hot on the subject myself and would appreciate a good tutorial in how they work, ie to explain to me about memory cards, updates, programming them etc. so I could figure out what would be needed. Then I could make a decision as to which would be most suitable. Am currently only looking for maps for Ireland, but an option to download uk and europe maps would also be good. Also an indication of how much to spend would be useful. Anyone have a good website they wouldn't mind sharing with me? Thank you in advance!

  The Brigadier 13:45 25 Oct 08

TomTom One.
Basic but good & covers all of the UK.

  Chris the Ancient 14:31 25 Oct 08

I agree with The Brigadier.

I have a Tom Tom One. And if I can use one, anyone can! It is the simplest one I've found.

I would advise shopping around for a good price - they vary a lot.

  User-1302950 16:57 25 Oct 08

Thanks for that. Having had a quick look for a tomtom1, I've come across another problem - loads of different tomtom1's! I don't even know where to start.
I don't want to bug people as to a tutorial for idiots on sat navs, but I really am stuck, which is why I was wondering are there any websites which will explain to me what all the specs mean and it will help me determine what I need.
For example, without getting political on it, does the Great Britain map cover Ireland?
Whats the difference between a classic version and a travel one?
How do I connect it, do I need a usb connection?
Like I said, a tutorial for idiots!!

  g0nvs 19:39 25 Oct 08

went to my local Tesco today & they are selling Tom Tom One for £109.99.

  Sapins 20:28 25 Oct 08

Check the maps for Ireland cover roads other the motorways and main roads, my top of the range 910 does not, I queried this with Tom Tom and they confirmed this to be the case, hopefully they have now included them.

  Covergirl 20:48 25 Oct 08

of Tom Tom Ones

click here

Range, Guide & Features

click here

(Gotta Gramin myself and no serious issues)

  spuds 22:02 25 Oct 08

I have a 2/3 year old Navman F20, which is cheap and cheerful and does what is required of it.

Ebuyer are selling some Sat Nav's at special prices, might pay to have a look their for price comparisons!.

  rdave13 22:39 25 Oct 08

For me the TomTom one v3 has proved it's self very reliable. Another poster suggested in another thread that the satellite signal would not be covered in Cities. Seems to be ok but not driven in London yet.
Navman and Garmin sat navs also have a good reputation on these forums but never used them to comment.

  jarani 22:53 25 Oct 08

if u go for tomtom one
check the version you are buying
V3 and up are better
don't know classic

  The Kestrel 10:50 26 Oct 08

It is worth paying the extra to get a Tom Tom one version 3 which includes european mapping. I had a holiday driving aroung Germany this summer and the Tom Tom was invaluable for getting around. It was especially useful for finding our hotels in large places like Cologne.

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