Buying 'pre-Ribbon' version of Office

  wee eddie 30 May 11

Is it easy to buy a pre-2007 version of M$ Office Pro.

I have just had the experience of working with 2007 ~ it does not do anything that I need and the Ribbon takes too much if you only have a small screen to work with.

I may go to Open Office with a Stand-alone Copy of Outlook as I don't need 80% of the features.

Or, whatever the Final iteration of Office, pre-2007, is.

Any ideas, or advice, gratefully considered.

  100andthirty 30 May 11

Office 2003 was the last version pre-ribbon.

this page showed numerous choices:

  spuds 30 May 11

Perhaps nothing to do with the original request, but you could see if LibreOffice 3.3 (free download) is any good for the purpose?.

  ams4127 30 May 11

I have heard that there is a small programme that will remove the hated ribbon interface and replace it with the old menu type system.

Where it is and what it's called, I'm afraid I don't know. I've been meaning to get it for ages but never got round to doing so.

  BRYNIT 30 May 11

If the ribbon takes up too much room. Right click on the ribon and sellect minimize the ribbon, this will hide the ribbon and will only show when you click on one of the tab names.

  wee eddie 31 May 11

I will look for this. If anyone knows where to find it, please post a link.

  Zak 31 May 11
  ams4127 31 May 11

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