Buying a PC from Comet

  JonMB 15:32 24 Feb 03

I am thinking of buying a laptop and have seen one at my local Comet that looks good. Has anybody any experience of buying computer stuff from Comet?

  rickf 15:37 24 Feb 03

Have you checked out Staples. I was there this w/end buying a scanner Epson 1660 and they have lots of l/tops at very keen prices.

  anchor 16:16 24 Feb 03

Have a look at John Lewis. They give, (or at least gave, when I got mine last year), a 2 year warranty on laptops.

Plus, they will also price-match.

  Djohn 16:31 24 Feb 03

My Son bought one last week and is very pleased with the laptop and the service he received from the store.

He was asked if he wanted the extended cover, and politely declined. This was accepted and not mentioned again.

He had phoned me before going to the store asking advice, and I helped where I could, he followed my advice and went into the store explaining that this would be his first PC. (Which is correct).

He informed the salesman what he wanted from a PC, and was taken over to the display of Laptops.

The young salesman started with the cheapest and spent over one hour leading up to the most expensive, explaining pros. and cons. of each as he went. My Son later phoned me to say he was very pleased with the knowledge and politeness of service received, and had purchased a laptop for £1500-00 and received a free carrying case as well. J

  accord 17:44 24 Feb 03

bought a Sony Vaio nearly 3 years ago and bought 3 yrs extended warranty with it aswell. it was an ex display model and still running fine today although not my main pc. my girlfriend works for comet so go and buy it.

  Djohn 18:13 24 Feb 03

My sincere apologies, all I said in my post at 16:31 applies to, *PC World*, I got my stores mixed up again! :o(

I'm not safe to be let out on my own! :o)

  carver 20:37 24 Feb 03

Do as anchor suggests and try John Lewis, they will match any price and will give you 2 years warranty at no extra charge,which means you can get a better laptop with what you save.

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