Buying a new Orange Pay as You Go mobile

  Pappyon 17:31 31 Jan 03

Please excuse me for posting this query here. I don't know where else to go.

I'm asking this because my better half has bought a new Orange pay as you go phone, and has £50 credit on her old phone.

I have checked all postings here about mobiles and none of them address this particular query.

I believe (I hope I'm correct), from reading these posts that you can swop a Sim card from one Orange phone to another, and still get the credit that's left on it and keep your old number etc, but what about the £5 (I think it is) free talk time you get on the Sim card on the new phone. Do you just forget about it?

Thanks for any help or advice.

  bremner 17:35 31 Jan 03

Yes and yes.

You can transfer the Sim cards. The credit relates to the SIM card not the phone so if you ditch the new sim card you lose the £5 credit.

  Pappyon 18:02 31 Jan 03

I thank you for your prompt to my post.

Could I put the new SIM card in my wife's old Orange pay as you go phone, or even my own Orange phone and use up the Fiver, and would this mean I would have to take the phone number that comes with the new card.
Please excuse me for being a pest.

  bremner 18:28 31 Jan 03

Again yes and yes.

The card will go in the phone but it does mean the number will be from the new card.

  tran1 18:50 31 Jan 03

The number and credit corresponds to the sim card. whichever sim card you use, you use the number and credit thats on it.

  Pappyon 19:14 31 Jan 03

Thanks again for the response. It is much appreciated.

  blakdog 22:56 31 Jan 03

Orange will move credit around if you ring their customer services. They did this for my wife about three weeks ago. Although the credit will relate to a sim card it is held on their computer system and relates to the account number assigned to the sim card. Try it, we've been with orange for ages and they are usually very accomodating - I'm sure they will sort it out so you can have all the credit.

  Pappyon 18:39 04 Feb 03

Excuse me for being thick. Would I have to put the new SIM card in one of the older phones to register it first, or do I just phone Customer Services and ask them to transfer the credit on the new SIM card to my wife's old phone, or mine come to think of it.

I would be grateful if you could explain in a manner easy for a thicko to understand, what I should do to get the benefit of this £5 (if it still is that).

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