buying new desktop budget around £1000.

  sunday36 15:51 14 Feb 04

please could anyone advise me
i want a new desktop around £1000.
magazines say get ddr400 512mb do i need
an all in wonder graphics card.
64bit athlon /pentium4/amd athlon3000
item in pc advisor said (motherboards)
64 uses a socket754. both chips would move to
a 939 pin by summer 2004would buying a 64 bit
now give me problems if i want to upgrade in
i would like to get a system for home use/
i use internet mostly/play some games maybe
more with better graphics.
wife needs computer for typing college work
kids want games playing/music. thanks hope someone can advise me

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:19 14 Feb 04

'64bit'...only if you are using a large network.; It will make no difference on home computers.

'play some games'...unless you are seriously into gaming most current computers will be OK.

I would go for a Medion (£749 w/o monitor from PCW...256mb graphics, 512mb RAM, DVD/CD writer, more useful programmes than you can shake the proverbial stick at, 160GB HD, excellent media etc., etc.) Unless you are a mad gamer there should be little need to upgrade for yonks.


  wags 08:18 15 Feb 04

or check out MESH who have numerous machines that would fit the bill click here

You can check out their award winners from various mags and configure get your ideal PC.

  961 10:39 15 Feb 04

£700 is top whack for what you are going to do.
Ensure good crt monitor
Athlon xp 2500 (Barton) to 2800 more than enough
If you must have Athlon 64 wait until new motherboards out with 939 pins to ensure upgrades in future years

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