Buying from a foreign seller?

  ade.h 17:26 29 Mar 06

For those of you who purchase items online or by mail order from outside the UK, the Court of Appeal has ruled that Section 75 of the Credit Card Act does cover foreign purchases. The £100 minimum spend and other caveats apply as normal.

Handy if it all goes pear-shaped.

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  spuds 12:40 30 Mar 06

American Express, TSB and Tesco's Financial Services apparently brought this back to the Appeal Courts, and amongst others are not very happy with the results (just like all finance institutions, if a decision is not made in their favour).

I suppose the proof, whether the Appeal will really have an effect, is when someone makes a claim using section 75 on an overseas 'failed' purchase. Having dealt with a couple of financial institutions, and making claims under section 75 , I find the initial response is ' nothing to do with us' reply.It was only when pressured, quoting parts of the Act, that things moved on, to a satisfactory resolution. I wonder how many people have lost out through this initial response approach, and their ignorance of consumer laws.

  ade.h 13:37 30 Mar 06

A lot, I would think. When things go wrong, not knowing your rights and pushing for them can mean losing out.

  Danoh 16:33 30 Mar 06

thanks for posting it!

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