buying an (Evesham) PC soon

  JAM3S 11:44 27 Jan 08

Hi guys.
It's nearly two years since I bought my old AMD 4800x2 PC and I've been saving up to buy a new games machine. I wanted to stick with Evesham (I'm on my 4th) but looking at their site and configuring the kind of PC I want. I just can't see value for money anymore :(

My biggest grip is the price in processor.
Q6600 to a Qx6700 costs £549
QX6600 to a QX6850 costs £579

Q6600 to a Q6700 costs £200
Q6600 to a QX68500 costs £500

Q6600 to a QX68500 costs £830

(Not compared any other sites)

I take it the Q6700(2.66) & QX6700(2.66) are NOT the same? Can someone please tell me that Evesham's pricing isn't a rip off?

Abit disappointed with the warrenty offered on these expensive beasts too - 1 year only. Still got a year left on my old Wvesham! :)

God Nearly 3 grand...I've never spent that much on a games machine before :)

PS just added a DELL - their processor jump is expensive too :(

  Pamy 12:11 27 Jan 08

You do know that they are in trouble and probably no longer exist

  stroudgreen 12:19 27 Jan 08

I expect everyone here will reccommend Cougar Extreme (click here). By all accounts they offer an excellent service with good after-sales.

I've heard noises about Evesham suffering financial difficulties so perhaps they'd be better off avoided.

As for Dell, I looked at their base units and used the customise option to bring them up to the spec I wanted, but found the price a little steep compared to alternatives. I don't know, however if their dedicated gaming machines are a better prospect so they might be worth checking out.

Novatech, for me, don't offer any flexibility in specifications - your options are what they place in front of you, no 'customise and buy' option.

MESH, Pc Option and other vaguely prominent online PC dealers provoke a mix of responses on these forums. Some have been fine with their machines, some have found the services offered lacking.

I don't consider myself any kind of expert here, I'm just recalling the general forum responses to retailers! I personally think cougar-extreme remain a good option, although I haven't personally ordered from them (I'm getting a free computer off the girlfriend's mother to pimp out to my heart's content!!). Good luck!

  Forum Editor 12:39 27 Jan 08

Evesham Technology went into liquidation earlier this month. I can see that the website is still online, and appears to be inviting orders, but I'm not sure what the current situation is.

  citadel 13:26 27 Jan 08

qx is quad extreme and costs a lot more.
if you are up for a new pc and want quad the new penryn quad cpu's are out and these are faster and use less power so run cooler. they have part no's starting q9 or qx9 eg. q9550.

  Stuartli 13:36 27 Jan 08

I would think twice - and then twice again - before even considering placing an order with Evesham, much as I've admired its past history.

  Stuartli 13:44 27 Jan 08

Top Intel Quad Core CPUs are £600 at

A retail Q6600 is £175 and a QX6700 £336.


click here

to compare prices of the two Intel Quad Core ranges.

  JAM3S 04:46 28 Jan 08

Thanks for all your responses everyone. I knew Evesham were in a bit of trouble but thought they were over it? Okay, best avoided then (always been pleased with my past purchases too).

stroudgreen - Never heard of Cougar Extreme and have been checking them out now! I do like to mess around configuring things - just not too much :). I made up a pant wetting games machine for £2005, no monitorso add on £400ish for a 24" and I've come under what I was willing to spend (£2500). Couldn't do that with Evesham or Mesh, doubtfull with Dell too. Bookmarked Cougar for future ref, thanks for that.

I'm looking forward to more info on this AMD Penryn CPU that Citadel mentions too.


  BrianW 10:52 28 Jan 08

In an earlier thread I detailed the problems I have been having with trying to get Evesham to repair my PC, (which they have since before Christmas)

Last week I used the "Sale of Goods Act" to try and get some action and finally got an honest response which can be summarised as:

"The company you purchased the equipment from Evesham Technology Ltd ceased trading on the 4th January. We are a new company trading as Evesham Technology called Geemore Technology Ltd and we have agreed to offer support for previous Evesham Customers. However you have no contract of sale with ourselves"

I wouldn't advise anyone to deal with them at present.

(I have the greatest sympathy for the individuals I have been dealing with, each of whom have been unfailingly friendly and appeared to be trying to be helful)

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