Buying DVD's online

  JYPX 20:34 14 Dec 05

Does anyone here feel qualified to explain to me the customs regulations that would apply if I order DVD's from Amazon in the USA? What value of goods is the cut-off point and how would duty be collected on goods posted above this value?

  Totally-braindead 20:56 14 Dec 05

I do know how they collect it so I can help with that. Basically what happens is the Royal Mail turn up at your door and ask for money before they will give you parcel, refuse to pay and they refuse to give it to you. They also charge for this collecting money, £15 extra I was to them I think it was. Regards how much it is before you incur the wrath of the Customs I think it is £20 but can't swear to it so better to wait till someone confirms this.

  Big Elf 20:56 14 Dec 05

click here Check out the link on Internet Shopping.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:59 14 Dec 05

I believe that it is around £18. Having said that I have ordered shed loads of stuff from the States, all well over £18 and in spite of each item having a full price declaration, I have never been charged duty. Suppose it's a lottery.

HM Customs has a dull read about here


  JYPX 21:10 14 Dec 05

Thanks everyone. Very helpful.

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