buying from camerabox

  gary46 15:59 13 May 09

ive been looking at buying a new camera (panasonic tz4) and camerabox seem to be the best price,
any comments on the company or camera would be a great help
one comment on a site as said that the products
are grey imports and am unsure what this means
any advice please

  user8 16:06 13 May 09

Have a look at Dixons On-Line.
Recently bought a Panasonic FZ28 from them.
Best price i could find, so may be worth you looking.
Also UK based!

  ^wave^ 17:09 13 May 09

i have used camerabox they were great

  Forum Editor 18:29 13 May 09

are items that are imported by people who are not the manufacturers, and are not authorised by the manufacturers as importers.

click here for everything you need to know about grey camera imports.

  gary46 19:00 13 May 09

after reading this link from FE it seems to me that i may be buying a camera at a cheaper price but may not get a warranty with the product, is this correct

  OTT_Buzzard 12:02 14 May 09

...and you may end up paying excise duty and VAT, depending on exactly where it is shipped from.

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