Buying advice - Very particular case, Surface Pro 2 , Razer Edge or other?

  mulambus 17 Nov 13

Hello all,

I want to buy a conversible/destacable/touchscreen device. I have a very particular necessity and hope you could help me to choose.

I work on a ship and stay 28 onboard , 28 at home. When I'm at home i travel a lot (2-3 times minimum). I basicly play League of Legends when i have internet but onboard 60-70% of the time I don't.

I have a gaming laptop (radeon 6990m) but it weights 3kg , 4 with the charger, and would be very good change it to a 2< kg tablet/ultrabook.

When I'm onboard, the time i would use more the laptop, i stay on a chair without a table, but i can use a keyboard and a mouse over my legs if i need. I usually play random games on the smartphone, but the ideia to play Skyrim instead Candy crush is pretty interesting.

So, here is my doubt:

Surface Pro 2 or Razer edge or touchscreen ultrabook with dedicated graphics (zenbook 302lg or similar) Is confortable to use touchscreen ultrabooks like tablets?

I hope you got my doubt even with my terrible english(sorry for that).

I live in Brazil and if i import i have to pay 60% tax, i have a friend in Sweden that could bring bring to me, there the tax is about 25%.

To finish, in any case, you think i could get some good discount on Black Friday, Cyber Monday?

Thank you!

  wee eddie 18 Nov 13

Although the opinion here of the Surface Pro is high. Another Magazine crisis it for not being good in the hand or on the knee. Too heavy and stand not suitable for uneven surface


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