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Tiny have very generously supplied me with two notebooks (delivered on different days), although I only ordered one, as indicated in the documnetaion.

Joking aside, I do of course want to return the second machine. I have spent several minutes on hold with customer services but gave up after a while.

What should I do to ensure that Tiny collect the notebook. It has been suggested that I should write to them. I also want to make absolutely sure that I have evidence that comfirms the machine has been collected.

  shortcircuited 11:38 31 Jan 05

Just give me your address I'll be right over to collect (and deliver it back)...............and I won't charge a penny ;-)

OK... now to be serious............

When it is collected you definitely need to get proof from the 'courier' or whoever collects. A signature or something, usually they come with a returns document. And don't lose it.

It is after all their mistake and not yours - so I wouldn't worry too much.

I have no legal qualifications. so all this advice is purely just my logic - and I don't know how trustworthy that is.

p.s if they have separate numbers for sales department and help or other departments, usually I find they pick up the phone much faster in the sales department.

  TomJerry 12:22 31 Jan 05

check your credit card statement as well

if you did not order twice and they did not charge you twice

just wait they contact you becuase it is their problem, not yours especially you cannot get throught to them by phone


I orderd the machine at one of thier Computer Shop branches. I purchaed the machine on 6 month buy now pay later basis so my account will not have been debited.

I could wait to see if Tiny contact me but I do not want to do anything that could be considered in breach of the law.

  thms 12:40 31 Jan 05

Have you tried phoning the shop where you purchased the machine and explained what has happened.

Where it may be their fault for delivering the extra machine. You must still inform them of this mistake. Once you have informed them of their error then it is up to them to sort it out.

I have tried customer services again but was kept hanging on so have given up with them.

As suggested by thms, I have called the store where the machine was purchased.

I would say that the ball is now in Tiny's court. I have taken the name of the person with whom I spoke and have also noted the time and date of the call.

Is the above considered as a reasonable attempt co inform Tiny of the duplicate delivery.

I'm getting nowhere fast.

The store called back after checking my order, which is for one machine. They gave me another number for customer services but again, I was left hanging on.

Whilst I realise that I have a responsibility to inform Tiny of the duplicate delivery, I am getting frustrated with the fact that it's becoming so time consuming.

  vinnyT 14:13 31 Jan 05

Don't they have email for cust services? It shouldn't be down to you to pick up the cost of phone calls for their mistake. (Esp. if they keep you hanging on in their que system)

Evemtually got through on the customer services line.

Tiny had no record of the first delivery. The gentlemen with whom I spoke discussed the matter with his supervisor and she had never come across this before.

It makes you wonder what would have happened had I not called Tiny but irrespetive of whether or not I have a legal responsibility to inform them, I could not rest knowing that I had two machines when I have only paid for one.

I am awaiting a call from Tiny to organise a collection date.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:27 31 Jan 05

By law you have to make reasonable efforts to make Tiny aware of this fortuitous oversight. I would suggest sending an email and contacting the shop. Naturally, Tiny have made a mistake they should be paying the return costs. I'm sure that they will see this thread as they have a good prescence here.

If they cannot be bothered I'll give you 50 sqiud and pay naturally;-))))


  ventanas 15:15 31 Jan 05

The only thing I would worry about is how much is going to be charged in 6 months time, and do they have your card details to take what is owed. I would would want to be sure how much they expect me to pay.

You have done everything that can be reasonably expected of you to inform Tiny of their mistake. It is now up to them, but keep all the records of what you have done so far.

By the way I will up GANDALF <|:-)>'s offer.

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