Buy a Laptop in the USA or UK?

  cee24 17:37 14 Jan 08

I'm looking to buy a new (but not very flashy) laptop, and have seen quite a few around for about £400, with 15.4" screens, 2Gb RAM, 120Gb Hard Drive, DVD-rewriter, etc.

I'm visiting the US in a couple of months and wonder if I should wait and buy one there, since the dollar is so low. Would it be worth it?

If you think it is worth waiting til I go to the US, where can I find out what the prices are like? A few names of computer shops in the US might be helpful.

Any advice appreciated.

  wjrt 18:06 14 Jan 08

click here
click here
make sure you get one with international warranty

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:09 14 Jan 08

Import duty (in the UK) + sales tax (in the States). It rarely proves cheaper.


  keef66 10:27 15 Jan 08

If you buy in the US you'll get a 110v power pack, and having to buy a 240v replacement could wipe out any potential savings

  tullie 11:51 15 Jan 08

Not worth the trouble,and you can get one here for less than £400.

  spuds 13:25 15 Jan 08

And then there is the warranty and customer service to think about, if the item isn't covered by an 'International Warranty'.

If you are not going to reside in the USA for any length of time, then think UK as the more easier and best bet.

  Demora 17:17 15 Jan 08

A laptop has the same adaptor as uk you just need a different kettle lead for the power supply to mains available at Maplins for under a fiver

I bought a toshiba over there 5 years ago and its still going strong. Cost about £450 would have cost me at least £800 here. I've not had any trouble with it at all.

click here

Also walmart sell laptops.


  tullie 17:38 15 Jan 08

Maybe there were big savings 5 years ago, not now though i doubt,but good look anyay.

  Modo 18:58 15 Jan 08

A very high end Sony maybe - but most manufacturers have wised up to the weak dollar.

Also don't forget the keyboard will be US layout - annoying for the £ & € signs - it is solvable but clumsy.

If the OS is pre-loaded what are you going to do if your hard drive fails - you will need an international warranty.

Sales Tax varies widely by state - CA & NY are both high.

If you can reclaim the VAT on EU purchaes even high end models are going to be little difference in price.

& finally whatever you buy that is cheaper than in the UK, it will be the same price in the UK within 3 months!

That said I admit to having a US Sony SZ491N - it had a 200Gb hard drive and a faster processor before they were available in any format in the UK and it was still 30% cheaper than the highest spec UK model in the same series then available. But the value was only relative, I use photoshop and edit TV productions so the very high spec made sense. But for general use a £499 - £799 model is very adequate.

  Demora 15:44 16 Jan 08

Just a small word of warning too. READ the small print because a lot of the so called offers have in very tiny writing 'After Rebate' So you end up paying the full price and sales Tax (7% in Florida 4% in North Carolina) on top. You are only likely to get a rebate if you have a US address. Then you have to photocopy the sales reciept and mail it off to whoevers giving the rebate. This can take ages.


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