bundling of software with new computer

  nosmo 15:06 09 Nov 03

I got my pc at pc world,my first one.It was one of those packages.Iam happy with the pc printer and scanner,but what use is a digital media suite to a beginner.I would have thought it would be better to have works suite.I suppose it is my own fault,but sales staff only seem interested.in a sale.Perhaps i just look green.

  Diemmess 15:57 09 Nov 03

Bundles are bundles and sadly not for negotiation. You can bet the sales planning settled for the best that would attract sales and at the least cost to PCWorld.

If you had been offered a Works suite bundle it would have been at a higher price.

Nothing to stop you paying for and adding any software you want. ............ It is decision time whether to uninstall the unwanted, or to live with it and perhaps a life-change to heading an Advertising Agency, or become a rising star in the film world!

  nosmo 18:33 09 Nov 03

I appreciate what you say,but this was boxed sotware with a price tag of ?250.00 inside the packages.The computer has Works installed.Iwould have thought thatit was cheaper to put Suite on it.But then,what do i know.

  spuds 19:26 09 Nov 03

How many times do you see a computer magazine cover disk,which states Full Programme worth xxx number of pounds, only to find that it is older released programme. Bundles are usually a little sweetener for computer package deals, and the actual value is what you believe, as a further discount towards the package deal.

When you state "Perhaps i just look green".."But then,what do i know". Perhaps you are undermining yourself.I would not think that the sales staff, thought that, just to get a sale.

  nosmo 19:58 09 Nov 03

about sales staff.I bought Norton Antivirus at the same time,then found it was ready to install on computer.Took it back to pc world.refunded without any argument.but Iwould have thought saleman knew it was on computer.

  wee eddie 20:06 09 Nov 03

Thats what this software is.

Usually 2 versions back. Manufacturer X buys all you old stock for ?25.00 or whatever, bundles 2 or 4 titles together and offers it free with their new Beginners PC.

Once you have had a PC for a while you will probably only use about 3 programs on a regular basis and they are unlikely ever to be bundled.

p.s. you will have to pay a years Subscription to Norton in about 3 months!

  nosmo 20:48 09 Nov 03

wee eddie and others
Thankyou for your comments.Over and out.

  nosmo 20:48 09 Nov 03

wee eddie and others
Thankyou for your comments.Over and out.

  nosmo 20:49 09 Nov 03

wee eddie and others
Thankyou for your comments.Over and out.

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