BT total broadband

  NoIdea21 23:43 08 Oct 06

What do you think of Bt total broadband?
Have you got it and is it any good?
I have been using it for about 3 weeks with a few minnor problems, mainly broadband talk, internet connection seems reliable at 6.3kbps.
Customers service is a different story,

  Mike D 08:25 09 Oct 06

I've been with BT for coming up to a year and Broadband Total since 1 August. No major problems here (touching lump of wood), not too keen on the foreign call centre for customer service - they rely too much on scripts and don't listen to the caller; one advisor tried to use remote access (which they use for faulting) to access My Documents - he got very short shrift!


had it nearly 3 months now, against all advise! was totaly misold have the fsa investigating, nothing has gone right i lose internet connection about 8/10 times a day, cant speak to anyone i can understand, have had no reply to my 4 recorded delivery complaint letters begging some one to contact me. ther's a thread on networking where someone said the only way they sorted it was to count loses and chanbe isp, i have to agree! if it was'nt so expensive it would be very funny!

  Field Division 12:41 09 Oct 06

been with bt about 1 month now,Had no connection problems or anything else I can think of,spped I'm getting is around 7mg,
The only problem I have had was when they charged me for connection fee which they weren't supposed to will need to sort that out.

  Cymro. 17:26 09 Oct 06

With B.T. six months, don`t get the speed they promised and the help line is very poor. But can`t compare with other I.S.P. as B.T. is the only one I have used.

  amateurann 19:15 09 Oct 06

Upgraded from lowly dialup in July. Found very easy to set up. Usually have desktop and 2 laptops online at same time (big family)and also use telephone. No major probs except hub fried in a thunderstorm. Replaced by BT at no cost within a week. Hub states download speed of 7008 kbs although click here says usually about 4900kbs

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:22 09 Oct 06

Been on BT Broadband for over 2 1/2 years. First on 1Mbs, then 2Mbs and since April on ADSL Max and getting the best speed as I live close to the exchange. Had one day when the service was down due to a national problem affecting thousands, otherwise has been completely reliable. Others may be cheaper but the quality of service I am getting is worth paying for.

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