BT prices

  algernonymous 20:44 06 May 07

Evening all.
Just been chatting to a friend who has BT broadband and phone line. She says she pays around £135 per qtr., and asked if that was excessive, as she doesn't make many calls or use the 'net much. I said that did sound expensive and, as she is tied into an 18 month contract with them, to ask if they could put her onto a cheaper package.
Looking at the BT website, is their cheapest option the £17.99 for BB and 10.75 for phone?

  Stuartli 21:54 06 May 07

Even allowing £33 for line rental, £54 for broadband and just over £30 for the phone, it does seem excessive over a three month period.

However the female division of the population very rarely admit to spending long periods on the phone...:-)

  frostyuk 22:00 06 May 07

i would suggest she contact BT then bills seem majorly high

  Stuartli 23:11 06 May 07

It actual fact it works out - or appears to work out - at about £6 a month for phone calls (assuming the phone side is AnyTime or Evening and Weekend calls); calls to 0845, 0870 prefixes will be charged at the rate involved.

  algernonymous 11:57 07 May 07

Hmm, looks to me like they've got her on their 'Option 3' of both -BB £75, phone £63 per qtr. Obviously a good BT salesperson.
Thanks for your replies, guys, I'll get back to her.

  wishtobwireless 22:05 07 May 07

and my bill is between £37 & £45 a month. I hardly use the phone at all as I use my company mobile! so seems about right....

  silvermane 10:41 08 May 07

I'm on option 3.
£26.99 Broadband.
My phone bill is around £230.00 per quarter

  algernonymous 18:50 08 May 07

Just seems expensive when compared to, say, Virginmedia's Broadband & phone for £20 a month.

  wishtobwireless 18:52 08 May 07

and does the £20 include vat - just a thought

  Stuartli 20:40 08 May 07

>>Virginmedia's Broadband & phone for £20 a month.>>

Compared to TalkTalk3 International that's also very expensive...:-)

  tullie 21:09 08 May 07

Everyones bill is going to be different mine is £60 qtr for broadband and the usual line rental,you cant compare phone bills in their entiretyThis is with BT option 3.

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