onthelimit1 20 Mar 13

I posted last year asking for advice regarding BT's failure to deliver what they promised in this press release. Here we are in March, and not a single house/business in the village of Baschurch can access infinity. I have still received no communication as to when the debacle will be sorted. Any further suggestions as to who to contact, or how to escalate would be appreciated.

  Nontek 20 Mar 13
  Nontek 20 Mar 13

Oops, Sorry - I had not read your link! Silly me!

  Nontek 20 Mar 13

Have you tried phoning BT?

  onthelimit1 20 Mar 13

Phoning, email, blank wall everytime. The last comment was the weather had delayed the installation of the fibre optics. By a year! Really frustrating as people keep asking me how it's progressing and I can't find out for them.

  wiz-king 20 Mar 13

Some of the village is FTTC enabled - you must be in the wrong bit

  onthelimit1 20 Mar 13

No - one cabinet was enabled in Apr last year in another village 3 mls away (fed off the Baschurch exchange). Baschurch itself has nothing yet.

  spuds 20 Mar 13

If you want to go to the top, then look for the email address here:-

That website as worked for me.

  onthelimit1 20 Mar 13

Thanks spuds, I'll give it a try!

  onthelimit1 22 Mar 13

Excellent! A very rapid and comprehensive response from the Fibre Broadband Programme Director. He gave reasons and estimates. Most properties will be up to 300Megs! Thanks Spuds.

  Nontek 22 Mar 13

Great, but you omitted to say when most properties will be up to 300Mb.

Also are you sure he said 300Mb? Not 30Mg?? My own 'best' is 73Mb!


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