BT Chancers!!!!!!!

  coreservers 12:30 30 Dec 06

I live in the west highlands of Scotland, and we finally got broadband in november of last year.
After some "teething" problems involving a faulty router at the exchange, it's been a fairly poor service, but the past 5 weeks have been frankly a joke.

Our phone went crackly and sparky, after a storm so I reported the fault, as we had no broadband either, the DSL light on the 105 was flashing. Was told it would be fixed and it duly was, however the connection to BB continually dropped. this could last from a few seconds to an hour. So i reported it again, another engineer came out and said it was probably at the exchange, as he could find no fault in the house.
Still the problem occured. I called again, These indian call centres are hopeless, especially if you've gone through the script with them before, if it varies they have no idea.

Evetually after 4 weeks I was told it's a problem with your 105 dsl modem. But it's 2 weeks out of warranty, so you'll have to pay for a new one. I lost it big time, and had to explain I'd been complaining for 4 weeks when it was still in warranty. Eventually had to involve the head of scottish operations, as he lives near here. and got a 210 router free. but guess what.......

That wasn't the problem either. It's still the same.
I hate BT!!!!!

getting help from bt is a lot like wading through very thick treacle, bloody hard work, very energy zapping, most frustrating, quite sickening and a little pointless!!

  spuds 16:44 30 Dec 06

Thought about contacting Ofcom click here for advice!.

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