BT buys

  ajm 10:57 28 Apr 06
  rmcqua 11:25 28 Apr 06

I wonder if that means thay will now find it possible to deliver to the wilds of the Isle of Wight? Dabs never quite managed it.

  rmcqua 11:28 28 Apr 06

thay? ...they, 'scuse my accent.

  Stuartli 13:21 28 Apr 06

Interesting news.

I've been buying from dabs since 1988 when it had its outlet in Leyland - in fact the first printer I ever owned, a Star model (whatever became of that name?), was bought there on the way home from work.

Occasionally I've had a tussle with the company when it has gone astray on an order but, overall, the service is good.

However, as with nearly all online retailers of this type problems can arise if you wish to return an item or items.

  spuds 14:16 28 Apr 06

Seems a strange acquisition. A few years ago, BT commenced selling computers and equipment in their in-town store outlets, and didn't seem to make much of a success of it. At about the same time I believe, the boss of Dabs was thinking of putting a few millions of his own money into the Internet, possibly as an ISP.

  bemuzed 09:41 29 Apr 06

I guess BT just want more contact with cusotmers. Most people get a phone service and Broadband, and that's it. With Dabs there is so much more to get to people, and witht eh BT brand could really help Dabs in that those reluctant to buy fom Dabs (who?) would buy from BT.

  GaT7 12:10 29 Apr 06

Thanks for that ajm.

bemuzed - "...BT brand could really help Dabs in that those reluctant to buy fom Dabs (who?) would buy from BT." - that certainly applies to me. And if the price is right, I'd definitely be buying from them. G

  amonra 15:54 29 Apr 06

Strange acquisition, cant understand their logic. It wasn't so long ago BT got shot of their phone retail arm, and O2 So why re-enter the retail market ? I think enough internet companies have gone phutt proving that big is not always best. We will see - - - --

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