BT Broadband - Free Speed Upgrade!

  Zurdo 16:55 10 Feb 05

BT are increasing their bandwidth for free! See here click here

  Magik ®© 17:13 10 Feb 05

so i suppose the price will go up again, i was paying, i will round the figures up or down, £29 a month, which went down to £27, about a week later they offered me a 1mb service for £29, back where i was, this week they put it back down to £27, now, on the link above, the £27 bit , you get 15gb download, i am at the moment on 30gb, but i see that is back to £29..

  S5W 19:35 10 Feb 05

According to the BT blurb the prices will remain the same for existing customers. I think it is a fair package and although it has probably been more or less forced on BT by their numerous competitors I shan't look a gift horse in the mouth.

  stalion 20:49 10 Feb 05

So when are they going to tell us present subscribers about this, 2006

  Magik ®© 22:15 10 Feb 05

just had a email from BT, the reduced price, is only for 3 months.......

  garrema 13:38 11 Feb 05

I have just ditched BT in favour of Pipex.
Rotten timing unless Pipex respond.

  Maturin 18:05 11 Feb 05

I rreceived the letter today. The price of ADSL will FALL £4 per month to £24.99. There will be a 15GB per month usage limit; previously unlimited.

I suspect we will find standard package usage limits falling. This is the area where the broadband ISPs are likely to make their money in future; get the user comfortable with a certain usage then lower the threshold.

  harps1h 19:00 11 Feb 05

does this mean that they are extending the limits for 1mb. i would be interested as i am just outside the current limit of 6miles

  Magik ®© 20:15 11 Feb 05

from what i read into it, the answer is,no.....

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