Broardband for £150 !¬!

  rupie 22:33 07 Jun 04

REMEMBERING that I live in an area that is more depressing than one that has not got enough people to start broadband - My area has it but I am too far from the exchange !!!!!!!!!!!!. A company have offered my Village a wireless system for a hardware installation fee of £150. This includes box on chimney and all hardware and even a man to configure your PC. The monthly cost is £30 but the download speed is 2mb and the up is 512kb. There is also a ratio of 15:1 mentioned, this has something to do with the number expected on line at once. Considering as I said earlier it is either this or nothing Is it still a good price ??

  computernerdiamnot 23:26 07 Jun 04

Well considering buying a modem router when you all ready have a BB connection will set you back a £100 quid cannot be bad as your only other option is to do it through satalite and to get 2mb download and 512k upload is quite good.

  computernerdiamnot 23:29 07 Jun 04

Sorry im i right in saying for example you can use it wireless or the wireless set up means you have to connect up to a socket.

  2neat 23:50 07 Jun 04

Depends on how long the company stays in buisness! £30 pm not bad for 2mb. A good graphic card Rad 9800 will set you back £150 and they only last 18 months or so :-) Go for it!

  ste_bla 01:13 08 Jun 04

the install price is around the same as a sat connection and the per monthfigure is a lot less and its two way so basically; if i had the chance i would bloody well go for it

Also could you put the details of the company in the forum or email me the details (the evenlope icon) to see if they would think about doing my villiage.

  hugh-265156 02:00 08 Jun 04

who is the isp?

you may be able to look them up click here and get some feedback from current customers.

2mb download speed for £30 an month is pretty good but is it stated as 'up to 2mb'?

a contention ratio of 15:1 means that at,at any time 15 other users could be sharing your bandwith.this is actually quite good as most isps are around the 20+ users mark.

£150 connection charge may seem expensive but if its your only option to get broadband in your area and it includes the use of all the equipment needed for the time you subscribe then its not so bad in the long run for a 2mb connection at £30 a month.

check out the company first.

  Quiller. 19:15 08 Jun 04

This seems to be the same company that we are using in our village.

All there is a 9" square box on the roof. The lead from this goes into a network or usb socket at the back of the P.C. You get at least 3 I.P adresses so in effect you can have 3 full speed broadband conections, you do not have to use a router.

Speed is very good.

from a post click here

  2neat 22:05 08 Jun 04

You will need 15 people to register. The 'lucky' mug gets to host it all and have a transmitter dish on the house, free connection and £50 to help pay for the electric.The system does not support gaming due to millisecond latency from satellite feed. Contention ratio is between 25:1 – 30:1.

  Quiller. 01:29 12 Jun 04

Installation price has dropped to £99. Speed is reasonable. 3743Kbps download 458Kbps upload.
click here

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