Broadband ISPs

  humbug83 12:04 03 Apr 08

I have just bought a new computer and intend to use Broadband to access the Internet. This would be my first time using Broadband and I am slightly confused by all the choices and technical jargon.

Although I would be accessing the internet from a desktop PC, I think that wireless would be necessary as the PC is about 2 rooms away from our phone line and so we wouldnt want a wire trailing the floor.

My dad thinks we should get BT Broadband as he has seen that they have had some good results in a recent survey but I have read some bad comments and was a bit unsure.

I would mainly be using the internet to play online games, listen to and download some music, and visit various different websites and forums and chat to my friends, but I am not sure what usage would be suitable for me.

Can anyone recommend a suitable ISP please?

  humbug83 12:15 03 Apr 08

At the moment I use a multi-way adapter like this click here except with 2 ports not 4 and we have our Sky TV connection wired into the bottom of this adapter. Would having to use a broadband filter affect our Sky connection? 12:40 03 Apr 08

I have used plusnet for some years 08451400200 £14.99 for up to 8mb they provide a router installed for about £30 look at click here great support
There other ISPs to look at etc but I have tried a few in the past and I have not found any better than plusnet

I am connected via a phone extension line and on my No 1 PC connected via ethernet cable PC direct to the router then phone line You will be supplied for any other connections a splitter so that your PC does not interfere with phones or SKY Enjoy

  humbug83 12:53 03 Apr 08

When you have wireless connection, does the wireless router/modem plug into the phone line and that's it? Is anything else needed?

  humbug83 12:54 03 Apr 08

How does a phone extension line work?

  Clapton is God 14:18 03 Apr 08

"How does a phone extension line work?"

It does what it says on the tin. You run a telephone extension cable from a BT socket to the room where your PC will be.

It doesn't have to trail across the floor; you can run it around the skirting board for example.

My PC (on BB) is at the end of an 8 metre extension cable and my BB speeds are fine.

  humbug83 14:37 03 Apr 08

In that case, we have thought about a telephone extension cable but it would probably be easier to have wireless, as the cable would otherwise need to be fitted along most of the house!

  techie4me 14:54 03 Apr 08

I'm with Virgin for 10 years & have been more than happy with the service offered.

  humbug83 15:05 03 Apr 08

Is it correct to leave a router/modem on all the time, even when not in use, or should it be turned off?

  Clapton is God 15:12 03 Apr 08

It's entirely up to you.

I always disconnect from the internet whenever I'm away from the PC for anything more than 30 minutes or so.

I may be paranoid, but at least I know I won't catch any 'nasties' when I'm disconnected.

  humbug83 15:15 03 Apr 08

What do you consider as "nasties"?

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