Broadband Availability

  billy_s 22:19 26 Jan 03

Having read recommendations in this forum I finally decided to take the plunge and change to Broadband - only I can't! At different times over the past few months I have entered my phone number and postcode into the 'availability checker' on the BT Openworld and other provider pages. This has always confirmed that Broadband is availabile until today that is. Now the message I get is that the exchange is too far away and a connection is not possible. Why the change? I havn't moved house and am not living in the sticks. Anyone else encountered this?

  billy_s 22:51 26 Jan 03

Since posting my original message a line test was carried out on my line. This was OK and the line length was 4.84km well within what I understand to be the threshold distance of 5.8km. Can anyone enlighten me as to what I should do next?

  Hunte® 23:51 26 Jan 03

Try another ISP that is willing to manually process an order for you.

I currently use Force9 click here I know from reading adslguide forums that they are willing to manually process an order if it initially fails the automated checks.

As an added bonus they are also alot cheaper than BTOpenworld and offer local rate phone support.

  roygbiv 16:59 30 Jan 03

I have a dial up service at the moment. It was playing up a few months ago and complained to BT they told me to have Broadband, i told the girl on the phone where i lived ( a rural place in West Wales and she said "dosen't matter" she would put me through to the engineer's to look at, which never happened. It didn't matter to me (about no BB) as i live 30 miles from the nearest BB available (my exchange is 1 mile).
What i don't get is, Why are CURRYS and the like selling BB equipment in a area that has no intention of going BB.
PS BT has seen to my dial up connection(at last) it had a DACS box on the pole?? and it reduced my conection to 24.0kbps!!!!!!!!!!! They have removed it now!!!!!!!.

  Placebian 23:37 12 Sep 03

I live near the edge of a large town in south somerset. Lots of my friends have broadand and play games online with/against each other. I applied for broadband, but it appears that I live outside the maximum range for broadband connection. I think it is unacceptable that in todays day and age that there are so many rural areas that are not connected/are not going to be connected and also large towns that are enabled but with areas within them that are not.

The only answer for me is to sell up and move half a mile closer to the exchange!

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