Bought myself a new KVM

  PalaeoBill 21:43 25 Jul 09

I'm sure there are other manufactures products just as good but its the impressive distance technology has moved that persuaded me to share the experience of my new purchase.

My old faithful MasterView KVM has gone to machine heaven and I had to replace it. As I only need a 2 way switch these days I took the recommendation of a friend who has one and bought myself a Aten CS-62 KVM.

I am amazed at the performance, simplicity and tiny footprint (in fact its just hanging down the back of the desk with all the other wires). I love the new found space on my desk and the now free power points. It doesn’t require a separate power supply and because it switches audio, I’ve been able to ditch a pair of speakers and their power supply too. It handles my Logitech rollerball flawlessly (something my old KVM couldn’t do so I had to have two on the desk). The video switches seamessly as well now wherease previously a good deal of 'huffing and puffing' was made.

Apologies if this is old hat but I’m a kid with a new toy and a sub 20 quid one at that.

  user8 11:44 26 Jul 09

KVM's are useful bits of kit;-)

  anchor 14:26 26 Jul 09

What on earth is a KVM?.

  wiz-king 15:35 26 Jul 09

It's a little box that allows you to have 2 PCs running with just one Keyboard, Video display and Mouse. With mine I can switch between PCs by tapping the scroll lock key twice, I use it to swich between my networked machine and my old spare machine that is not on the network but still has files on it that I need to see sometimes.

But - it does cause confusion sometimes when I forget which machine I am running on.

  spuds 17:12 26 Jul 09

I have been using a D-Link DKVM-2K for quite some time now. Only problem that I find is that on occasions it can get a little temperamental with the Packard Bell mouse. A re-boot usually does the trick!.

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