Borrowing Sky Digibox for pay per view

  nel1946 19:37 03 Dec 07

I have a communal sky connection in my appartment and want to borrow my friend's sky digital box to watch the boxing match on Saturday night. I have seen a similar topic on here which says you can do this, but would the pay per view channel still be available when i unplug the box at my friend's house and move it to mine?

  nel1946 20:00 03 Dec 07

basically i thought i could order it at his house, ealrier in the day, then bring it over to my house and plug it in.

  Meshuga 07:19 04 Dec 07

I doubt that it would work because although you could order it as you suggest, when you remove the box it would then be on the wrong phone line for activation at the start time. Sky automatically activate programs at start time via the phone line. Suggest you go and watch it on his TV.

  nel1946 08:13 04 Dec 07

yer i would but it starts at 4 am. oh well thanks for the replies, you have probably saved me £15. will have to find an alternative solution

  TonyM 15:24 04 Dec 07

SKY boxes don't check the phone line at the start time, I have watched a few Pay per view events on mine and it isn't connected to a phone line at all .....hasn't been since the original 12 months contract requirement ended.
As long as you order it with the correct viewing card number and that card is in the box you "should" be OK ....however I think I'd be tempted to give it a dry run with a movie or football game first - it would be a bit of a shame to stay up til 4am and lose the picture just before the fight started !!

  tullie 17:51 04 Dec 07

I know its a daft question but you have a dish dont you?

  PalaeoBill 22:43 04 Dec 07

If the Sky box is plugged into the phone line you can order PPV via the handset. Once you have put the PIN number in and confirmed it you can unplug the phone again and the box will still receive.
However, you don't need the Sky box to be connected to the phone at all. You can telephone Sky and order PPV, although there is an admin charge for doing it this way.

  nel1946 15:20 06 Dec 07

Thanks for all the responses. I think the best thing for me to do will be to plug the box in here then order the ppv over the phone, without plugging the box into the phoneline. I will let you know how I get on.

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