Book Sharing

  Jameslayer 16:50 18 Apr 10

After recently finding several books which have been left lying around by generous people. They belong to a website called which basically is a group of people. Who once they have finished with a book hand it on to someone else or leave it in a random location for someone else to read.

Each book is registered through the site and you can track books you have registered have gone to. I was wondering if anyone else here is a member.

I certainly plan to go thorugh my bookcase and add a few titles for someone else to read. If you are interested here is a link click here


  onionskin 20:49 18 Apr 10

Isn't booksharing illegal?

  Jameslayer 21:50 18 Apr 10

I dont think so but Im no lawyer. As if sharing of a book is illegal that would indicate that second hand book shops are illegal.

  onionskin 22:07 18 Apr 10

Would 2nd hand book shops be illegal if people made a copy of a book, to keep, before selling the original on or even giving it away?

  Forum Editor 22:42 18 Apr 10

to borrow a book, or to make a copy of it to sell, or publish a copy of it for general distribution, but it's OK to lend it to someone, or to give it to them.

  Jameslayer 22:50 18 Apr 10

Thanks FE. I was starting to wonder if I was a master criminal.

  ronalddonald 22:52 18 Apr 10

No its no illegal if as FE has pointed out last year there was a charity that was trying to get people to read and they would leave books on trains and buses. Once they finished with the book, they leave on the train or give it someone else to read.

Its a good idea for people to read.

  Jameslayer 00:35 19 Apr 10

I love reading so anything that encourages people to read in my oppinion is a good idea. Thats part of the reason i posted the link.

  onionskin 00:55 19 Apr 10

When I was a lad, before they had the printing press, we had to copy books. It wasn't illegal though, we copied them in Latin so nobody could read them.

  wiz-king 05:46 19 Apr 10

We will let you off, just this once but dont make a habit if it.

  interzone55 10:59 19 Apr 10

Booksharing has been popular for sometime in the states. There people tend to leave books they've finished in parks and cafes.

Many people put their names & addresses in the books, either written on the covers pages or just on a piece of paper, so that future readers can write or phone to discuss the book.

I've bought a few second hand books from Amazon traders with several names and addresses in them, so it's clear that some people are collecting books and just selling them on...

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