Blurring of Forums

  graham√ 09:34 17 Jun 03

We seem to be getting more and more threads in Helproom that are proper to ConsumerWatch. Is this because Helproom is more popular, and folks only visit ConsumerWatch if there is nothing interesting on channel 'H'?

  Danoh 10:43 17 Jun 03

Good point.

I'd posted in ConsumerWatch (appropriately I think) with no response for 7.5 hours. Then paraphrased and posted in Helproom to get a reply which provided the answer in 4 minutes.

I guess all the good guys roam the Helproom.

  MichelleC 11:30 17 Jun 03

Is it because new visitors don't know the differentiae of each forum from our 'home' page?

If it becomes a problem the FE may put a 'specific' on the 'home' page for postings.

  graham√ 14:26 17 Jun 03

Helproom posting coming up!

  Sir Radfordin™ 14:38 17 Jun 03

Always visit the Consumerwatch room first...

  Djohn 14:39 17 Jun 03

I posted to your thread in the Helproom, this is just to let you know I read the threads in both rooms. ;o)

  Forum Editor 23:36 17 Jun 03

but not too often, and we move the threads if we think it's appropriate.

  Forum Editor 22:46 18 Jun 03

that looks as if it's been posted in the wrong forum area I know we can rely on you to let us know - just use the 'Contact Moderator' button to send us a message, and don't forget to copy and paste the url of the thread in question - saves us having to search for it!

  graham√ 09:11 19 Jun 03

Will do!

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