Black and grey ink suppliers

  Octoz 22:39 30 Aug 04

I would like to print some of my photo's in black and white. The standard colour tanks lack tonal range. Can anyone point me in the direction of specialist ink suppliers who substitute the colour inks and supply blacks and greys?

HP photosmart 7350

  wee eddie 03:01 31 Aug 04

This is just to bump you up.

I have never seen any reference to Grey ink in all the years I have been reading PCA and other mags.

Grey is usually made by reducing the amount of black. Much of the resolution will be generated by the surface quality of the paper you use, and, of course, the size of each spot of black ink

  Pesala 09:51 31 Aug 04
  wee eddie 10:27 31 Aug 04

Well found Pesala

  Pesala 10:54 31 Aug 04

click here as the above link seems to be broken at the moment.

  Diemmess 16:48 31 Aug 04

I HAVE to believe it, or at least those references I've read.

The only explanation I can permit myself is that these are pigment based "inks".

Black through to white used to be obtained using dyes, and the more dye the deeper the tone. Originally the inkjets sprayed a relatively large area with each squirt and the duration of each micro-squirt determined the depth of colour.
In the case of laser printing the diameter of a black dot increased from tiny for pale grey, to an overlap of the next dot for black

  Octoz 16:51 31 Aug 04

Thanks Pesala.
Looks like I won't be able to do it on my current printer so I will have to burn to CD and check in at a kodak booth!

  Stuartli 17:13 31 Aug 04

Proof that not everything can be defined in black and white..:-)

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