bike stands

  ronalddonald 20:23 04 Dec 09

does anyone know where i can get a bike stand, the type when you ride a bike and stop and you kick down with your foot and the bike stands upright.

You then kick it up and ride off. I use to have one on a racing bike way back in the 1970's, i need one for a mountain bike.

many thanks

  canarieslover 20:35 04 Dec 09

Try Evans Cycles. click here A Google search for kickstand will turn up quite a lot more.

  morddwyd 08:03 05 Dec 09

Halfords; any good bike shop.

  anniesboy 10:24 05 Dec 09

I am a cyclist, Halfords is to cyclists what PC World is to computer buffs.
Go to a proper bike shop.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:30 05 Dec 09

good analogy

  morddwyd 19:24 05 Dec 09

PC World is perfectly adequate for printer paper, inks and recordable media.

Halfords is perfectly adequate for bike stands, bungees and bulbs.

Don't be such a brand snob.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:39 05 Dec 09

It's not about being a brand snob - Halfords sell Boardman bikes which are very good ,their own Carrera brand has some great bikes in the range. PC World sell great brands as well (including their own), but sometimes a lack of experienced staff in both shops mean that customer experiences aren't always the best and prices can be high (because you don't have to wait!) I've bought bikes from Halfords and Computers from PC World (plus lots of other stuff from both), but I know a reasonable amount about both bikes and pcs and know if I'm getting a good deal or not - my choice. I also buy from Novatech, Ebuyer, Chain Reaction and Wiggle - horses for courses really.

  morddwyd 09:20 06 Dec 09

It depends how experienced the staff have to be to sell you a bike stand.

It's a bit like buying tools from from Lidl.

If you you want top spec, state of the art gear you go to a specialist shop.

If not, go to a supermarket, whether it be a bike, computer or grocery supermarket.

ronanlddonald simply wants a common or garden bike stand.

He should find a perfectly adequate one in Halfords.

You've been in Sainsbury's, you've done Boots and B&Q and have had a look round Comet. Bike stand? Oh I don't wnat to go in Halfords which is just there in front of the car, I'll drive ten miles out of town to that village where there's a specialist bike shop.

Yeah, right!

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