BFG 9600 gt 512mb OC - a good swap?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:59 13 Mar 09

My 2 year old 8800gts 320mb OC graphics card died last week, luckily BFG cards (then) had a lifetime warranty,and so I sent it off to them, and I've just received a brand new 9600 GT 512mb OC card back.
I don't want to seem ungrateful but is this a fair performance swap? I've really lost touch with gpus and the trawl throughs I've done have left me even more confused.


  citadel 18:33 13 Mar 09

probably better as the 8800gts with 320 of ram was not great.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:36 13 Mar 09

and it seems worse on every spec, texture fill is 5 billion/sec worse, (26 vs 21) stream processors 32 worse (96 vs 64) and memory bandwidth 7gb/sec worse (64 vs 57)
I know specs aren't everything but these are important. All I expected was my old card back or an equivalent, this seems worse.

  citadel 20:54 13 Mar 09

I think 8800 series now deleted, you could say you are not satisfied and ask for a 9800gt, dont think you would get a 9800gtx+

  Why wont it work 20:55 13 Mar 09

I'd be tempted to say you have been given an inferior replacement. You bought what was originally a near the top of the range card, and they've replaced it with a middle of the range model (albeit a bit newer).

However looking at this click here the 9600GT would actually seem to be a little faster, so I think it's a fair enough swap.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:03 13 Mar 09

outlining my concerns, I'll keep you posted how I fare.

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