Beware of Special Offers Particularly in Supermarkets.

  proudfoot 28 Aug 11

Last week we were in a supermarket and saw pizzas with a sticker on each 2 for £4.00 so we decided to buy them. When we got home we were checking the till receipt and noticed we had been charged £4.78. The full price was 2.49 each. One had a second sticker "reduced to £2.29". After ringing Consumer Direct we were advised this was correct. Therefore the solution is:- Beware of buying a product if it is a "Special Offer" and one has a further reduced price sticker.

  morddwyd 28 Aug 11

"When we got home we were checking the till receipt "

Most supermarkets have seats once through the checkouts.

That is where you should be checking your till receipt.

We normally find a discrepancy once or twice a month.

  BRYNIT 28 Aug 11

If both pizzas have a sticker stating 2 for £4.00 you have been over charges.

If you have picked up one that stated 2 for £4.00 and the other stating reduced to £2.29 you may have picked up two different pizzas with different offers. Sometimes people pick items up from one place and put them down when they see another offer, always check the labels/price ticket.

If it was from one of the large supermarkets you could phone the helpline number usually available on the Supermarkets web page, they can check the price via the bar code. If you have been over charged they will usually send you a voucher to cover the overcharge + a little extra. With Morrisons you have to take the good back to the shop.

  interzone55 28 Aug 11

If products are reduced because they're reaching their sell-by date they are normally removed from multi-buy offers, it will say this quite clearly on the reduced price label.

  interzone55 28 Aug 11

It's also a good idea to check the maths on the multi-buy offers, as this photo demonstrates quite clearly...

  proudfoot 29 Aug 11

alan14. We are wise to that trick. Brynit. Both pizzas were on the same shelf, the second pizza had another sticker stating reduced to £2.29. We in our ignorance thought the 2 for £4.00 would over-ride that. Legally that is not the case. In future we will not be caught out on that one. The purpose of my post was to warn others to what really is a legal scam that most supermarkets are doing to maximise profit and catching out the unwary.

  sunnystaines 29 Aug 11

found all supermarkets display offers on shelfs but not always at tills [tesco,sainsbury,waitrose] got so fed with tesco customer service at their sunbury branch being rude when I pointed out errors each week that we stopped shopping there, at least the other two stores had polite helpful staff when these errors were pointed out.

  proudfoot 29 Aug 11

sunnysraines. I see your point, but in our case it was perfectly legal. We even phoned Consumer Direct who confirmed.

  Woolwell 29 Aug 11

This is caused by barcodes. The full price pizza would have had a barcode which would have triggered a reduction at the till if a second one with the same barcode had been scanned. The reduced pizza had to have a different bar code attached to the reduced price so that it would scan correctly at the reduced price but this did not trigger the offer. Could be a coding error in the reduced barcode.

Tesco show at the bottom of the list how much money is saved through bogof offers etc. I always check this before leaving the store. This shows whether the correct deduction has been made for multiple purchase offers.

  spuds 29 Aug 11

As been previously mentioned, always check the bill before leaving the area, then its much easier to get problems resolved. Perhaps more so if items are on special offer.

One thing that I hate with one of our local supermarkets is offers for example like 2 for £5.00 or 1 for £3.00 with a few days 'before use by date'. Then you see the same items on the reduced shelf, which 'use by date' runs out that very same day, and a sticker on the item that states very boldly 'reduced to £2.50 saving 50p'.


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