Beware Check specifications of PC ordered

  rickf 17:39 06 Jan 03
  rickf 17:39 06 Jan 03

I bought a pc with AMD XP 2000+ cpu in July of 2002. I discovered today on running system information that it was fitted with an AMD 1600 as the speed was stated as 1245. I shall not name this well known co for the moment as I have just contacted them to inform them of their mistake and asking them to put right the situation.It has taught me that it is not good to accept goods on face value. Checking the specs of comps received is vital. Will keep this forum updated. The acid test for customer services of this co has surely knocked on my door.

  boasty 17:48 06 Jan 03

was it Tiny or Time by any chance???

  rickf 17:52 06 Jan 03

I will not mention the co at present as I would like to give them the opportunity to respond. It seems to me the correct way to go about things. Save to say that its a co that has a very good reputation for cus services. I shall keep you posted.

  Rayuk 18:17 06 Jan 03

I think you may be wrong in your assumption,have you looked i the bios to see if the processor is running at 100 or 133.
As your processor is showing 1245 [1245 x 133 = 1655MHz]which is the right speed for the 2000+.
A 1600+ processor runs at 1400MHz.
If you need more info on how to change fsb post back.

  rickf 18:21 06 Jan 03

Thanks Rayuk.Will have a look later. Have to work soon.

  Q-Bie 20:23 06 Jan 03

Yes, i've experienced this problem with some of the motherboards/processors we've sold in the component centre at my pc world store.

The Athlon XP processors have the clock multiplier built into them, but not the bus speed. We've had customers come back saying things like..

"This is only an Athlon 1.2" etc...

By default the boards are set to the lowest common speed, 100mhz, because obviously they don't know what cpu you'll be putting in it.

An AthlonXP 2000+ runs at 12.5 = 133 (1.66 ghz). I know this because I have one ;)

If the bus speed is set to 100, then 12.5 x 100 = 1.25 ghz, which is what you are running it. It sounds like the bus speed has been reduced. As all modern boards have their speeds setup in the bios, have you ever been in the bios and loaded the default/failsafe settings?

In your bios somewhere there will be a System Bus Speed option, increase it to 133 and you should be ok.

  rickf 20:32 06 Jan 03

Thanks Q-Bee and Rayuk. I think you might both be right. I have just checked again and the bus speed is set 66mhz. The bios is American Megatrends. I thiunk its either delete or F10 to get in. Will post back. God this probably saves me from making a fool of myself.

  Scarthy © ® ™ 20:43 06 Jan 03

System Properties should tell you the processor type. Right click My Computer and select Properties.

On the contary - you are to be sincerely congratulated!

It would have been only too easy to "Fire off" at the company and start another thread on the pitiful service recieved by "X & Co".

That you had the good sense to "Hold off" and not mention the company concerned shows considerable restraint - well done.

However, I still have a criticism of the firm concerned (Whoever they may be) - the PC should have been throughly checked before being sent out to you and I would have thought that checking the speed was pretty basic!

Still, sorted now!

  rickf 20:49 06 Jan 03

Thanks again fellas. Done it! Change the bus speed to 133 and it now reads 1666Mhz which is corect for a Amd Xp 2000+

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