Best value for money Broadband

  instant^mash 19:43 16 Mar 03

Hello all,

I use NTL 600k and am pefectley happy with it (AUP excepted)

A friend of mine is interseted in getting ADSL but the catch is he doesnt want to go over £20 per month...

I've tried extolling the virtue of an extra £4 per month and Pipex but..

Apparently Gio internet have a cheap deal but are they any good?

Can anybody advise?

Thanks in advance,

  24seven 13:11 17 Mar 03

I assume that NTL is out for your friend?
If you enter "Gio" into the search box in the helproom section it should throw up previous threads.
Will add tho' (you pays yer money.......)
Good luck.

  geaves 14:15 17 Mar 03

Have been using Gio Internet since January, only had one down and that was overnight on Sat Night/Sun morning. But it was up and running by the time their support team came in. I am also 10k from the exchange but the Speed Test on has been more than comparable, will do a test tonight and post results.

Only one downside, seems to take forever to get customer support (0870) number these numbers are used as a certain % cost of the call is paid to the company. However email take about 2/4 days.

I also bought my own ADSL Router as I have a home network.

Basically though I am more than satisfied, for the ultimate use Nildram. I use Nildram at work and they are seriously the business.

  geaves 23:00 18 Mar 03

Down Actual 430Kbps True 464Kbps
Up Actual 244Kbps True 263Kbps

Give you some idea anyway.


  ski 'n' ski 14:34 20 Mar 03

Has anyone used any of these companies to source parts ans systems etc. What are they like to deal with and can anyone recommend a good place to shop........

  instant^mash 08:34 26 Mar 03

Thanks for your replys guys, I'll pass it on,


  rins36 18:57 26 Mar 03


I am thinking of having Nildram for Broadband, can u advise me on the best option from them for homeusage. I have been on their site & I am now confused, dont want to pay more that about £22/24 a month

  RomQ 14:22 27 Mar 03

You really need to start a new thread for your own topic ... but a quick answer: click here

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