Best tablet for design manger in a construction firm

  genieharv 17:24 27 Nov 14


Which is the best tablet for a design manager in a construction firm? Main duties with the tablet will be: 1. Taking notes at meetings and issuing to design team (a)which Styli is best? 2. Reviewing drawings received and marking up drawings with comments 3. Drawing up simple sketches and emailing to deign team 4. Run reporting apps using text and photos (e.g. iSnag or similar) 5. Run BimX

Thanks M

  morddwyd 21:38 27 Nov 14

I am no lover if Apple, but there is little doubt it is the premier choice among all species of graphic designer.

The iPad is therefore the logical choice.

  jaynayamam 17:35 30 Nov 14

I know a few people in the construction business, and their tablet of choice is the iPad. Get yourself a decent case that is fit for purpose though - like the Lifeproof or Otterbox.

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