Best software available for free ?

  The Aardvark 21:34 16 Nov 05

With loads of free software available to download from so many internet sites (this one included !), wondered if anyone thought certain applications, utilities, programs etc stood out from the crowd in terms of quality and usefulness.

I'd nominate the Firefox browser and Picasa - any others spring to mind ?

  keewaa 21:43 16 Nov 05

with MS Office @£300 I'd nominate openoffice @ £0.00 for the top spot.

  Belatucadrus 22:45 16 Nov 05

I tried listing them once, but the list got a bit long, so I tried this click here

  spuds 23:34 16 Nov 05
  ade.h 18:58 17 Nov 05

Nice work! Well done to you for getting all that info together in one place. I'll know what link to suggest when this question is next asked.

  Stuartli 19:33 17 Nov 05

There's one on these forums that's very, very long but can't remember who posted it...:-)

No doubt someone will step forward and take a bow.

  anskyber 19:44 17 Nov 05


Nice one Thanks!

  The Aardvark 22:18 17 Nov 05

Excellent selection Belatucadrus, thanks for that.

Anyone have any other nominations ?

  WhiteViper 21:40 24 Nov 05

Try "TreeSize Professional" - it examines all the folders and files on your hard disk and displays the sizes in either figures, bar charts or pie charts - really useful for finding what files are eating up all your disk space

  PUNKA 22:20 24 Nov 05

Muchos Gracias,Belatucadrus.

  WhiteViper 23:07 01 Dec 05

Couple more to try:

Ccleaner - gets rid of all the rubbish you gather over time on your HD

Snitch - examines your filenames, photo content and video content for anything 'naughty' that you no doubt accidently downloaded, so you can get rid (30 day free trial)

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