Best selling site?

  rickf 23 Sep 11

Hi, Where would be a better place to sell my Acer Tablet apart from eBay? They charge a Final Value sale price of around 10%. On top of listing fees, Paypal charges it would be well over £30. On trying to list this item for £260, the final value chrage was £27 alone. Any suggestions appreciated.

  Autoschediastic 23 Sep 11

rick i sold an item on ebay some time ago i felt i was robbed by them! they now charge 12% thats a fee that is not including the price of your advert! ive found Gumtree or Preloved to be great and free! BUT be warned gumtree has a lot of scammers asking you to send the item abroad! if you can see through the smoke you'l be fine on them sites..

  Quickbeam 23 Sep 11

I'm going to check these out myself.

  Autoschediastic 23 Sep 11


Gumtree is international whereas Preloved is more uk based, i prefare preloved ONLY cause there isnt many scammers on there..

  Quickbeam 23 Sep 11

OK thanks.

But I do so hate that preloved Americanism, it ranks right up there with have a nice day and missing you already...

  rickf 23 Sep 11

Thanks guys, will have a look at Preloved. Ebay has becomevery expensive. Not worth selling anything unless you are desperate. Daylight roberry it is. Worse than a certain Mr. Turpin!!!

  Autoschediastic 23 Sep 11

Rick myself and my wife had an Ecommerce business that failed due to no financial support from the goverment, We have quite a bit of stock left like Vicunia wool jumpers alpaca hoodies & such as, i want to put them on Ebay but i really cant justify their fee's anymore! last year i sold a iphone & i was forced to pay £46 for the sale of it.? yeah ok i made just over £300 on it but come on..

  Forum Editor 23 Sep 11

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  rdave13 23 Sep 11

My sister in law seems to get quite some success in selling items through Facebook. You'd obviously have to have a lot of friends.

  lindastone6020 26 Sep 11

how about selling your Acer computer on amazon? maybe the charger is less there.


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