Best place for TV's (Televisions, that is!)???

  GibsonSt19 19:45 27 Dec 03

Hi all, I'm looking for a 36 incher (aren't we all?), preferably from a big brand.

Anyone know the best place to get the best deal?

Thanks lots

  wags 20:18 27 Dec 03

I like Allders and John Lewis which although not necessarily always the cheapest, both throw in a 5 year warranty at no additional charge.They both offer good customer service(before and after the sale). It is of course important to look at a range of TVs in the showroom before deciding, although in my experience, alot of shops do not have TVs set up properly !

I bought a Hitachi 32" widescreen from Allders 2 years ago at a good price (cheaper than Currys/Comet etc), which developed a power supply fault about 2 mths ago. I phoned Allders, who sent an engineer the next day, but he was unable to fix on site. So it was collected, taken to their workshop, fixed and returned within 1 week. They could teach the PC industry a thing or two here about service!!!

  GibsonSt19 20:26 27 Dec 03

Anyone know of any online retailers?

  johnnyrocker 20:35 27 Dec 03

click here for multi region dvd plasmas the works.


  Wilham 20:47 27 Dec 03

We have the 36 in with smoked glass doors under. Very heavy, I bought it impulse on sight as the best picture I'd seen. I paid extra for 5yr insurance, very expensive cos the pricey tube. Also I didn't get the free extra yr insurance using Barclaycard,-they excluded the higher priced tv's.
Buying again I'd go for a similar model but to John Lewis for their free 5yr on-site free backup.
They also claim to match prices.

  rev.bem 22:24 27 Dec 03

Try here

click here

  Stuartli 12:18 28 Dec 03

Despite all the deals offered by the very big outlets, you are still best going to your local independent audio/visual retailer, especially one who is a member of the Euronics Group.

Euronics supplies more than 700 UK outlets and is the biggest buyer in Britain as a result; prices are equally competitive but you will almost certainly have the advantage of proper after sales service and care.

My mate runs one such shop and is constantly visited by people who have bought from the big high street stores.

When things go wrong and they can't get it put right they expect my mate to repair them.

He politely but firmly points out that the warranty/guarantee responsibility lies with the retailer where they bought the goods and that his (expensive to maintain) workshop is for the benefit of his own customers and not the high street outlets.

  georgemac 19:18 28 Dec 03

costco seem to have very good deals on tv's and offer a three year warranty, and apparantly are very good if you have problems

click here for locations, you have to join but you will save your membership many times over if buying a large tv

  byfordr 20:35 28 Dec 03

I assume you are looking for a conventional telly but theres some good deals on Rear Projection tvs at the moment. A 43" Samasung is only £699 from Argos. Combined with a digital picture (Cable, Sky or DVD) the picture is outstanding. Failing that check out the sections on tellys. click here click here click here

  GibsonSt19 23:28 28 Dec 03

I'm not keen on rear projection as if you're not sat square on, the image is a bit poop. Thanks for all these links guys, most helpful

  johnnyrocker 23:57 28 Dec 03

hopefully it has been of use.


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