Best Mobile Phone

  gemdogie 13:41 09 Nov 10

Can anyone advise me on the best mobile phone that will be compatible with the bluetooth system, factory fitted, in the Citroen C4 with the myway satnav.

  ukpostcode 17:11 14 Nov 10

Whats your budget for a new phone?

  sunnystaines 16:45 15 Nov 10

look at the htc desire which is good.

but the "best" is the users opinion we say different.

  bremner 17:23 15 Nov 10
  gemdogie 08:57 16 Nov 10

Sunnystaines £64 a month for 18 month contract is very steep but will look around for better offers.
ukpostcode not thought about a budget yet just trying to find compatible mobiles.
Bremner I have already tried the link from Citroen, the compatible mobiles on this list are way out of date & unavailable.
Thank you all for the replies

  Strawballs 10:09 16 Nov 10

Any bluetooth phone should work ok as it is not the phones software that needs to be compatable just the bluetooth, even a cheap phone with bluetooth should work

  Mike D 12:20 16 Nov 10

I have a Citroen C3 Picasso with MyWay satnav. I have just change from a Nokia 6600i, which worked perfectly with the car, but was rubbish as a phone (no ringing volume, poor reception. I now have a Dodo410 (very basic phone, no camera, big buttons and text and a really good volume for rining and speech. The bluetooth on it works fine, but the address book is not picked up by Myway (which it was with the Nokia), however, on reflection \i realise that I ra\rely used the address book in the car. mosrt of my calls are to mission control to let She Who Must Be Obeyed my ETA.

  Mike D 12:22 16 Nov 10

Edit it's a Doro 410, only available from Orange (I pay £5 per month).

  sunnystaines 13:52 16 Nov 10

your being ripped off, i pay only £30 a month, try carphone house

  interzone55 14:14 16 Nov 10

Do you want a contract phone or PAYG?

Can't speak for the Citroen system, but my GF's Nissan bluetooth system picks up the address book and handles calls for our LG Optimus phones, available on O2 PAYG for around £100 from the likes or Argos

  biglake 09:41 17 Nov 10

I think different people have different comments of phones. You should compare the price and quality together!

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