Best graphics card for my PC

  jaap1234 16:09 04 Mar 08


I'd like to buy a new graphics card. But I'm not sure which one I'll have to buy. Some say, an 8800GT for example, won't be able to run 'full-speed' at my PC. This are my specs:

Pentium 4 3400 Mhz
2048MB RAM (DDR2)
nVIDIA 7300 LE (512MB)

I'm running windows XP right now.

What's the best video card I can buy?

  citadel 18:22 04 Mar 08

have you got a pci express slot, if you have get the 8800gt it will give a massive boost on what you have even if your cpu is lacking, bear in mind your psu needs to be up to the job.

  Stuartli 23:13 04 Mar 08
  GaT7 02:13 05 Mar 08

As citadel mentions, for the 8800GT the CPU may be a little lacking / may cause a bottleneck - basically the graphics card won't perform to it's full potential. You'll probably need a better PSU too for ~£40-50 extra*. What PSU do you presently have - make, model & wattage?

If budget is a concern, go for a 512Mb HD3850 from Scan for £102 delivered (see my post in this thread click here). Again, the PSU may be a concern. G

* eBuyer do an adequate case+PSU for £49 delivered click here. Free delivery applies if your order is over £50 or over.

  jaap1234 14:43 05 Mar 08

Thansk guys!

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