Best Graphic card for DDR2.?

  Uboat 18:16 07 Sep 10

Hiya everyone, ive got a pc running on DDR2 RAM etc i need a new Graphic card/s for it and was looking but was worried i may have to go with a lower older end one.? they all look like new DDR3's
Can anyone suggest a decent one pls? i play games quite a bit too

  Colin 18:47 07 Sep 10

The RAM in your PC has nothing do with the graphics card you can put in it as the type of graphics card connection on your motherboard determines this. Is it AGP or PCI Express?

  Uboat 18:58 07 Sep 10

Colin thankx for the info! i thought the RAM refaired to the type of setup card i needed? oh well ive learned that today lol
Ive got Two "nvidia geforce 8800 gtx" in the pc which need replacing if thats any help.?
Thankx again

  Colin 21:42 07 Sep 10

Two of these will go nicely!

click here

  AL47 23:15 07 Sep 10

psu upgrade!!

  Uboat 12:56 09 Sep 10

sorry for the late reply guys! ive just managed to get my pc formatted! thankx for the replies!

"AL47" a new PCU.? im already running on a

  Armchair 16:30 10 Sep 10

Is this a joke topic?!

  Uboat 21:33 10 Sep 10

Armchair err im been serious i need two or at least one very good graph cards! why did u say "Is this a joke".? im lost.?

  Uboat 21:35 10 Sep 10

btw i made the misstake of thinking the new grapic cards are based around DDR3 & not DDR2...that what i meant sorry for the confusion! Doh lol

  KorgY 21:27 23 Sep 10

I think he meant "GDDR" (5 in the below case)
click here

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