best dvd rom drive and rewriter drive

  Kingfisher 14:21 19 Jul 05

I want to replace my Samsung SD-616e dvd rom drive and my Teac DV-W58E dvd rewriter drive,both are oem's fitted to A Dell 8300 series pc. I need to replace them because they work at a crawl when decrypting and copying my film collection. Can anyone recommend good quality drives with black fascias. My current format is +r/+rw on the rewriter drives, should I get dual format, Thankyou to you all

  Al94 14:55 19 Jul 05

Got one of these from PCW click here a few weeks ago, even better value then at £39.99, comes with additional black bezel, very quick and quiet. Never heard of the make before but read good reviews. Copying films in about 20 mins total.

  Stuartli 15:13 19 Jul 05

Many drives are rebranded products so it's difficult to say exactly which is "best".

Plenty of black finish examples at:

click here

Also dabs etc.

  helmetshine 19:05 19 Jul 05


I recently purchased a LG 4163 from click here all formats inc Dual layer and DVD-RAM .£32 plus delivery,so it's not a bad price either.

  Kellogg 19:18 19 Jul 05

I think the best quality drives are those from Pioneer and NEC. Coupled with good media you can't go wrong.

  SEASHANTY 19:51 20 Jul 05

September issue of PC Advisor. Feature on DVD Writers. No. 1. Recommended is the LG GSA 4163B.
Price around £32. Available in black from SVP
click here

  SEASHANTY 20:09 20 Jul 05

SVP also have a cheap shipping option of £1-99 plus vat which expires at 2359 tonight. Next day delivery is around £5-50 inc vat. Some info on DVD-RAM click here

  pj123 21:12 20 Jul 05

I have two LG 4163B fitted to two computers. But you will still find that from start to finish it is very slow. For example a 3 hour VHS tape copied to DVD will take at least 7 hours.

I have since bought a standalone DVD recorder Liteon and copying tape to DVD is in real time. A 3 hours VHS tape takes 3 hours etc...

  Kingfisher 20:59 21 Jul 05

thankyou for all your replies decide on a nec rewriter and a LG dvd rom

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